Who is Strongbox Computers Ltd? Strongbox is a computer manufacturer based in Pinewood Studios. We build very fast workstations, servers and render farms using the best components available worldwide. Each machine is optimized for specific industry vertical markets. Strongbox Computers was established to produce a range of reliable, superfast computers which are demonstrably better than any offering from HP, Dell or Apple. Performance of each machine is tailored to client’s software requirements and set-up, enhancing user-experience and reliability whilst dramatically reducing their processing time. The company owns its own manufacturing warehouse and offices by Junction 25, M25. Strongbox is currently self-funded and has grown organically focussing on the B2B market for high-end workstations supplied into the Film and TV production market place where there is a requirement for huge processing power. Strongbox delivers that in spades and has had massive success supplying some of the biggest names in the world.

High Performance Workstations

Strongbox make machines which are upgradable, future proof, cost effective, fast and reliable with excellent support and long warranty.

Find out what we can do for you? Use our contact form to receive a fast quote for one of our professional workstations, servers or high compute render solutions.


High Performance Servers

Strongbox both stocks and creates on a client to client basis a wide range of NAS devices, Transcode Servers & Large Scale Storage Servers to suit most budgets.

To find out what we can do for you, please use our contact form to receive a quick quote or to arrange an appointment with one of our Server consultants.


UK Specialists in Powerful Workstation & Server Solutions


From SMB data servers to large-scale fast 6K video storage, Strongbox can provide or design a service that will be intelligent, cost-efficient and be a long life product.

We insist on supplying the best components per application and never use generic parts. Your data and business is precious and we want to keep things that way and make improvements along the way.

Strongbox Labs

How much time is lost waiting for renders, if your machine was twice as fast how much time would you save or how much time would you now have available to work on more or larger projects. Strongbox have spent years developing machines optimised for post production workflows, based on real life experiences.

Strongbox Labs want to show you how to unleash all that power by setting up your applications, properly, through short tutorials on our site.


Every organisation is different and so is the support they require. Therefore we have adopted a tailor made support system for all of our clients.

We work closely with you giving you as much or as little support as you require , many of our clients in larger organisations have to prove their recommendations for larger purchases or are simply trying to trouble shoot a certain work-flow issue. Our staff at Strongbox are here to help.

Strongbox i7x is Ranked #1 Professional Workstation for Render Performance

How to get in Contact

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Strongbox Computers Ltd

Call us on 0845 8888 555

Email us at info@strongboxtechnology.com

Visit us at Strongbox Computers, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, SL0 0NH

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James Gouldsmith

Studio Manager

It has been a pleasure working with Brian of Strongbox. His extensive knowledge, patience and ability to explain the ’techy’ bits has helped us to purchase future proof systems that will expand as our business grows. Not only that, the level of service is without comparison and we will call upon Strongbox to assist with all future plans to grow our IT requirements.


Jeremy Smith


Our render times have gone down from about 40-60 min per frame to 4-5 min per frame when rendering on the GPU. The performance of this machine is incredible and very very good. We really liked it.


Paul Ingvarson


We used to rely on RED Rocket card to enable real time performance of the RED Media. Now because everything GPU optimised-accelerated, having multiple powerful GPU with a lot of video RAM is important and Strongbox is great here, because you can fit all in the Strongbox. Custom cooling in Strongbox will get you best of the cards in the long run.


Marc Schlossman

Moving to a future-proof system and the ability to upgrade components easily is very satisfying. I’m leaving the Mac universe – what a relief, because we see how Apple are abandoning their professional customers with every hardware and software announcement.


Matt Wreford


One of the strongest features of the Strongbox for me coming from an Apple environment is the adaptability of the setup. Being able to install extra drives, upgrade components (with the recommendation of the Strongbox team) and without having to buy a whole new machine will make it much more flexible long term solution for me


Cris Cousins


Buying experience couldn’t be better – personal, quick and detailed with support equally good before and after purchase.