Strongbox is a computer manufacturer based in Pinewood Studios. We build very fast workstations, servers and render farms using the best components available worldwide. Each machine is optimized for specific industry vertical markets.

Strongbox Computers was established to produce a range of reliable, superfast computers which are demonstrably better than any offering from HP, Dell or Apple. Performance of each machine is tailored to client’s software requirements and set-up, enhancing user-experience and reliability whilst dramatically reducing their processing time. The company owns its own manufacturing warehouse and offices by Junction 25, M25 and is financially secure with no debt. Strongbox is currently self-funded and has grown organically focussing on the B2B market for high end workstations supplied into the Film and TV production market place where there is a requirement for huge processing power. Strongbox delivers that in spades and has had massive success supplying some of the biggest names in the world.


Strongbox Computers were created with one simple premise in mind – to build the fastest and most reliable computers money can buy. Technical Director, Brian Gannon got his first computer – an Atari 800XL – at the age of 8 and from then on, knew that his life would be all about computers. When he was 12, Brian published his first computer game – Sidewinder – and went on to create some mathematical jello cubes for the Commodore Amiga demo scene, gleaning him some industry attention. He later moved to London from his native Ireland when it became obvious he needed a richer technical environment and he started a computer repair company.

This developed his insight into customer-based problem solving and he then began honing the performance of machines to suit customer needs. He created a trading computer for the retail finance sector, but over time was drawn to the film industry, as he felt that’s where his talents would excel. It was Brian’s wish to optimize performance, stability and user-experience which brought him to the notice of his present partners. He had been looking for the right kind of investors who would appreciate the specifics and ethics involved in bringing his ideas to the market. His investors had been seeking an idea with excellence and customer-focus at its centre – and that bit of magic which makes the heart thump faster.

Current / Future

Strongbox is building a distribution model in the UK and Europe and in Q2 of 2016 will be opening its doors to business in the US. We are looking for switched-on Distributors and resellers worldwide who are very customer focussed with experience of promoting a sole range of products directly into vertical markets. Suppliers with a proven track record into Film & TV, Architecture, Music and Photography will be engaged. Everyone Needs Strongbox.

We stay abreast of all new developments and will continue to refine user-experience in Strongbox Computers across a range of industries in the years to come. As new technologies are announced Strongbox is building and testing those technologies way ahead of the market ready to supply direct where there is requirement. Our research and development is constant and exciting and delivers proven machines which are way ahead of any competition.


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