Grading Workstations Overview

What the designers say

The recommended setup, verified by Blackmagic is as follows. Dual 12 Core Xeon, 16GB RAM, 2x Graphics Cards preferably Nvidia Quadros. 16GB of RAM seems a ridiculous figure especially when you take into account that you want to work with 4K+ but, we have been informed by Blackmagic of this fact and I have to agree with it. Getting the fastest RAM possible is a definite benefit though to aid general tasks. We have specced out 64GB of RAM (upgradeable to 512GB) in our quotes as Fusion / Compositing can be RAM heavy. Most projects will not need over 48GB of RAM but it is always good to have some in reserve for your operating system’s processes and any other programs that are active and open.

Graphics cards for 4K & 6K video

Our Grading workstations have been fitted with cherry picked Nvidia Titan X graphics cards. We chose these because of a high CUDA core count of 3072 and our ability to gain extra performance over a off the shelf card. Retail cards suffer from thermal throttling which reduces performance once the graphics card reaches a determined temperature, 83°C. For this reason we remove the stock cooler and install a closed loop water cooled system to keep the Titan X up to 40°C cooler. Cooler graphics card equals more performance and a longer life.

Computers can be quiet

All of our workstations are fitted with acoustic sound deadening foam and custom high flow ball bearing fans matched to the acoustic properties of the case to provide up to 500CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) per fan. Each one of our workstations cooling systems are tuned individually to provide maximum cooling for minimum noise.

Yes we do offer other computer chassis. Do you have a specific design in mind?

Smooth UI or Fast Renders?

Something to bear in mind when choosing a workstation. We have quoted for a Dual Xeon setup as that is the recommended setup according to Blackmagic Design. We of course have tweaked the spec to give up to 30% increase in performance with our Strongbox BIOS and power delivery tweaks. In tests performed by graders, they found that the timeline was responsive and multiple streams of 4K & 6K was possible due to the use of higher CPU clock speed and very fast cache & media pool drives. Now if you are interested in something a little different I would recommend the i7x.

Why do users love the Strongbox i7x?

Highly optimised for blistering single-threaded performance. The Strongbox I7X is a high quality workstation for 4K & 6K video editing & rendering, compositing, complex compute tasks, 3D modelling, architectural design, simulations, photo manipulation and financial computational tasks.

“It has been a pleasure working with Strongbox. Their extensive knowledge, patience and ability to explain the ’techy’ bits has helped us to purchase future proof systems that will expand as our business grows. Not only that, the level of service is without comparison and we will call upon Strongbox to assist with all future plans to grow our IT requirements.”

Each PC is Strongbox-certified for use with the full Adobe Creative Suite after undergoing our rigorous tests. This is the ideal machine for those who need a powerful PC, for use without compromise and featuring built-in upgrade paths to grow with your projects and business.

The i7x has the highest CPU core clock speed in the market (up to 4.7GHz), the quickest RAM available to a workstation at 4000MHz and even further boosts in graphics performance.

Strongbox CPU Speed
HP CPU Speed

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SB-i7x-5960 G3


£TBC Inc VAT + Delivery + 3yr Warranty
  • PSU: 1600W Power Titanium Certified
  • Motherboard: X99 Chipset 4x full PCIe slots (40 Lanes)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 5960X 4.6GHz
    (8 Core, 16 HT)
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4 2400MHz
  • GPU 1: Titan X SC ADV 12GB VRAM
  • GPU 2: Titan X SC ADV 12GB VRAM
  • GPU 3: Titan X SC ADV 12GB VRAM
  • OS Drive: 512GB Enterprise SSD
  • Assets Drive: 1.2TB 2400MB/s NVMe Drive
  • Cache Drive 2: 512GB 2200MB/s M.2. Drive
  • 9x fan config + acoustic foam lined panels.
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