What would you do to get your hands on the fastest processing computer in the world?

Q. Strongbox makes them here in the UK and we think everyone should have one. Why?
A. Because they can change your life. (radically improve the way you work.?)

10 reasons why Strongbox will work for you.

  1. Strongbox superfast workstations are ideally suited for film, 3d Animation, VFX and Post Production because each machine is optimised for use with the software you use.  No other machine on the market is faster.
  2. Each machine is tuned for specific applications like Flame, Nuke, After Effects, Maya, C4D, Da Vinci Resolve, Premier etc with unsurpassable performance and user experience.
  3. Strongboxes are also the most power efficient machines on the market. They use a fraction of the electricity competitors do so your power consumption is reduced.
  4. Strongboxes are near silent in operation.
  5. In post production, the most expensive element is manpower.  Minimising downtime whilst waiting for your renders and dealing with unresponsive user interface cuts man hours down, saving time, money and patience.
  6. Much of our R&D went into workflow analysis, the benefits of which we pass on to our customers.  We work closely with clients projects and installations, drawing on feedback for continual improvements.
  7. We know how to give you remote access properly with minimal time lag in real situations, not promised statistics that can’t be achieved.
  8. Strongbox takes a modular approach to upgrades, so as and when new chipsets, motherboard or controllers are released, a specific component can be replaced rather than the whole chassis, saving thousands over the lifespan of use.
  9. All Strongboxes are prices competitive with similar specification products from other manufacturers but offer vastly improved performance giving you huge value for money
  10. Strongboxes come with a three year no quibble warranty


“these are f*****g fast”
“Our rendering time per frame has dropped from 40-60 minutes per frame to 4-5 minutes per frame”
“If you experienced this time saving how much could it be worth to you and your company?”

STRONGBOX I7X Base Specification:

This is a professional high end workstation with 8 core processors all highly optimised for blistering single-threaded performance. The Strongbox I7X is a high quality workstation for 4K & 6K video editing & rendering, compositing, complex compute tasks, 3D modelling, architectural design, simulations, photo manipulation and financial computational tasks.
Each PC is Strongbox-certified for use with the full Adobe Creative Suite after undergoing our rigorous tests. This is the ideal machine for those who need a powerful PC, for use without compromise and featuring built-in upgrade paths to grow with your projects and business.

Strongboxes are cost effective, built to be future proof, reliable, silent, have low power usage, 3 year no quibble warranty and superb back up.

Strongbox have invested in a remote access solution using either Teradici or xxxxxxxxxx and can offer burst capability to Microsofts Azure Platform using an Exponential E connection so a total solution for all production needs. You can login to try a remote demonstration so you feel the power on your screen.
Contact us now or at any time for the best computer solution in the world info@strongboxtechnology.com www.strongboxcomputers.com
Strongbox Computers Ltd, Pinewood Studios, Iver heath, Buckinghamshire SL0 0NH 0845 88 88 555