Using a Strongbox in an animation environment without the cost

Whether you buy your hardware, finance it or rent it you have an ongoing cost each month you use it.


When you work there is always a cost involved whether it’s for the machines you work on, space you buy or rent to work in, or more importantly your time. Time is one of those things in life which is irreplaceable – once it has passed, it’s gone forever. At Strongbox, we want to give you time. Time to be more productive, time to relax, time to think, personal time, time for you.

render-screen“Our render times have gone down from about 40-60 min per frame to 4-5 min per frame when rendering on the (Strongbox) GPU”.

This customer has an HP render farm. These are real world customer user results, not laboratory tests or wild claims based on one test. If a frame of animation is taking 10% of the time on a Strongbox rather than an HP or Apple how much is that time worth?
There are different ways of accounting for your render time cost and one obvious one is having an artist in situ setting the renders and monitoring performance and outcomes. If you are using your existing HP or Dell and each frame takes 60 minutes (and many can take a lot more) you have an artist cost of how much? £25 an hour? So that frame has cost, in artist time, £25

If the artist is doing multiple renders on multiple machines at the same time then you can divide by the number being done. If you use a Strongbox and it renders in 10% of that time your cost is 10% of your hourly cost in single or multiple applications however you do the sums.

So even if your render time on a specific project is 10 minutes per frame and Strongbox renders that frame in 1 minute it’s the same equation. You save, using one of our Strongboxes 90% of render time on any project. In some cases, with specific optimisation to the software you are using (Redshift, Vray, Nuke etc) the render time is much faster and the time saving much greater.
We can arrange a lease package on a Strongbox for as little as £300 per month. Working with you and optimising your operation with our machine, we can demonstrate that in a few days per month it will pay for itself – and however else you use it is, in effect, profit to you – simple because of the time saving you experience.
Would you like a quote to demonstrate how you can start saving money today by using a machine that has no cost to you? Contact us now.

When you work and need fast processing power, in whatever you do – how much is your time worth and how much could you save? We have put together a calculator to download which allows you to enter the parameters you work with to calculate  the amount of time we can save you, and also how long that time saving would take to pay for a Strongbox. Why not try it and see how valuable a Strongbox, or a whole array of them, could be to you. Download our Render Cost Calculator.

You may be surprised and shocked with the results, loads of our customers were.