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Strongbox strives to build the best performing computers available, and in the early hours of Monday 26th June 2017 a Strongbox built High Performance Computer (HPC) broke another world record becoming fastest 8GPU rendering machine in existence. The result deserves special attention because: The Strongbox-built HPC was a stock machine …

Resolve on Linux

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“New DaVinci Resolve for Linux Today we also released DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio to Linux!” -BlackMagic Design Whaaaat!!! Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve has been available on Linux for many years but what does this new version along with a press release tapped onto BlackMagic’s big news regarding their new …

4U GPU Server Rack Mount Power Render Farm

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Yes. that is a mammoth title and a well deserved one at that. Strongbox is extremely proud to offer our brand new Power GPU Server Farm. Large scale enterprise tech that has generally been kept for Big Oil and Mining is now available to video post production and architects.