What our clients say about our computers.

“It has been a pleasure working with Brian of Strongbox. His extensive knowledge, patience

and ability to explain the ’techy’ bits has helped us to purchase future proof systems that will

expand as our business grows. Not only that, the level of service is without comparison and

we will call upon Strongbox to assist with all future plans to grow our IT requirements.”

James Gouldsmith, Studio Manager, Elevations

“Our render times have gone down from about 40-60 min per frame to 4-5 min per frame when

rendering on the GPU”

“The performance of this machine is incredible and very very good. We really liked it.”

Jeremy Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Jellyfish

“It’s f***ing fast”
3D render artist

In the summer of 2015 my son, Jay, needed a new computer that would work as a gaming computer and was fast enough to cope with the big files he was using for his animation work.

The spec for The Strongbox was VERY impressive. So we thought we’d invest in one. This is our short review.

Jay was – and continues to be – very impressed with the overall speed and efficiency
of the machine. Start-up and login are quick. With Windows 10, which Jay installed himself, it runs even faster. Its ‘Advanced Water Cooler System’ is also amazingly quiet even when put under a heavy workload.

He can play high-end games on it, and build with ease gaming landscapes using Unity. The Strongbox runs all applications very quickly. It’s also very fast at rendering 3D images in programs such as 3DS Max.

We’ve had it on every day now for four or five months and it proving to be a great machine. On top of that, customer service was impeccable. The computer was delivered to our door in good time and we received speedy and helpful response to the few queries we had.

We would recommend a Strongbox to anyone wanting a quiet, fast and efficient machine for gaming, editing and 3D modeling.

– Nic Penrake

Strongbox can save you huge amounts of time and money by rendering 3D images much faster than anything you currently use.

If you experienced this kind of time saving how much could it be worth to you and your company? Strongboxes are cost effective, built to be future-proof, reliable, silent, have low power usage, 3 years no quibble warranty and superb support backup.

We would like to set up a demonstration so you can see for yourself why the film industry is talking about Strongbox and why using one can change your working life.

Click HERE and we will be happy to book a remote demonstration of one of our amazing computers. The demonstration will be bespoke to you and your company’s needs and can be setup with software that you use. The computer will be yours to use for up to 48 hours so that you can experience the power of working with a professional computer, designed for you with the power to beat your competition.